• Build Forms

    Build forms to collect useful and interesting data.

  • Visualize Your Data

    Design dashboards to visualize your data.

  • Data Entry

    Create efficient data entry processes.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Set up and use notifications.

  • Analyze & Maintain

    Analyze, plan, deliver and maintain a Teamworks AMS site.

  • Sandboxed Environment

    Build your skills in a sandboxed environment.

How it works

We take you behind the scenes of Teamworks AMS to learn how to: 

  • Build forms to collect useful and interesting data. 
  • Design dashboards to visualize your data. 
  • Create efficient data entry processes that are easy for anyone to use. 
  • Set up and use notifications. 
  • Analyze, plan, deliver, maintain and use Teamworks AMS. 

By taking part in this certification, you'll: 

  • Join our human performance team through 16 chapters that cover four scenarios. 
  • Complete a variety of challenging and relevant exercises. 
  • Build your skills in a sandboxed AMS environment. 

The Teamworks AMS certification takes you through four aspects of human performance. We’ll present a real-world scenario and how it intersects with and flows through AMS - what we call a ‘workflow’. You’ll learn how to support and enhance your organization’s response to the following situations: 

  1. Daily Monitoring - How can we most efficiently use AMS to collect, investigate and effectively use daily monitoring information? 
  2. Physical and Cognitive Screening - How can we optimize the screening process and understand its outcomes in AMS? 
  3. Medical Data Entry and Management - How can we better support athletes, streamline the work of medical staff and use AMS to enhance decision making? 
  4. Individual Performance Planning - How can we use AMS to plan and guide the success of our athletes?

While these scenarios certainly aren’t the limit of what is possible to do with AMS, we’ve chosen them for these reasons: 

  • Based on many years of collective experience with our clients, we think each scenario is likely to be relevant, interesting and understandable to most. We want you to be able to map what you’re learning with us to actual goals and activities within your organization. 
  • These four scenarios give us the opportunity to teach you what we consider to be essential AMS knowledge in a comprehensive, progressive and engaging way. Throughout the course, we’ll be encouraging you to apply the skills you learn in each session to the work you’ve started in earlier sessions. 
  • Each scenario introduces you to skills and concepts in AMS that can be used in other situations, and we’ll be doing our best to point out any opportunities to apply what you’re learning in alternative circumstances. This is something we’re especially conscious of because Teamworks AMS can be used (and is) by organizations that come from very different worlds and have divergent goals beyond driving human performance.